Luis Quintana ( Seto )

Peripheral vision, the one always forgotten.

One of the most frequent questions every HEMA practitioner has heard is “Where should you look at when you are fighting?”. Even being this an innocent question, it is a trap! While you are fighting you must see everything and, in order to do that, you have to look at nothing. But… how?


This workshop faces peripheral vision from the perspective of its importance in HEMA. It will start with a brief introduction to this kind of vision and the advantages that its implementation brings to martial arts practitioners. We will practice some exercises that will develop and improve our peripheral vision through three different ways:

  • On an individual level

  • Working in pairs

  • Practicing with our equipment


The main purpose of this workshop is, on the one hand, showing the advantages of using our peripheral vision while we are fighting. On the other hand, providing a toolset that will let us develop and include this in our HEMA practice.


We can apply what we are studying in many different disciplines because of the transversal nature of this workshop. Just one thing, while practicing, opponents should use the same weapon.


Equipment: full protection and weapons.