Daniel López Varela

This seminar will be divided in two workshops, making a short refresher of the first one at the very begining of the second.
The main goal of this seminar is to review the “acometimientos” in Destreza and how to add them in a free bout.

First Workshop :

“Acometimientos” from interior and exterior “atajos”.
We will work on the “Acometimiento” mechanics, how to direct the hip and how to make the aproximation movement in a effective way, we will also make emphasis in the displacements of the “acometimiento” in a bout context to learn how to add them more efficiently. We will learn the different continuations to the “acometimiento” depending on our opponent’s response.

Segunda clase :

short refreser of the previous workshop.

How to react against an “acometimiento”  in distance and time : distance management and displacements while preparing the counter.
How to counter in time to an “acometimiento”
How to counter an “acometimiento” working on blade control.

Gear needed : Mask, rapier, gloves, jackets and elbow protection.