British military sabre

Anouk Post

British military sabre


Workshop 1:

The perfect crash course for British Militar sabre for those who are not familiar with the system described in the Art of Defence by C. Roworth. In this workshop the very basis will be discussed, from footwork to lunges and the very British slip-of-the-leg. Knowledge of sabre is not necessary.

No protective gear is needed, just a sabre or sabre simulator. A couple of blackfencer sabres will be available as loaner gear.

Workshop 2:

Following the blade. In this workshop we will dive a little deeper into the Art of Defence, and in particular what Roworth refers to as ‘following the blade’, as an answer to thrusts by making use of the parry in prime, seconde and half circle.

Gear; mask, gorget, chest protector or jacket as we will practice thrusting. Light gloves are advisable.