Viking fight

Laure Bornier

1) How to deal with all that (Viking) stuff

Between the VIIIth and the XIth cent., warriors from Scandinavia shook up Europe with their “savagery” and their “violence”. Since then, the legend of the fierce Vikings supplies numerous myths even though most of them are very far from reality.

We will begin with a quick reminder of the historical context and the sources available for this period. Then, we will have a review about the weapons and shields used for this period, and their specificities.

We will work on the footwork, the advantages and the drawbacks of the different weapons, and how we can apply some martial principles to this kind of fighting.

2) One-on-one fights and regulated duels during the Viking era

This workshop will be more focus on practice and specifically “one versus one” fighting during the Viking era. We will use the different weapons, in various situations and sparring games.

We’ll also work on a specific type of duel fighting called “Hölmgang”. Used to resolve some conflicts in the middle age, it is a funny way to discover one of the historical contexts of fight in Scandinavia.

3) Steel friends: group fights during the Viking era

People obviously didn’t fight always in one against one combats, and medieval Scandinavia wasn’t an exception. So we will take some time to work on group fighting.

After few footwork exercises in teams, we will do some sparring games in various situations to understand what could have been group clashes at this time.

Needed equipment :

  • Round shield between 60 and 100cm diameter
  • Various weapons: axes, spears, one hand swords
  • Sparring gear