Ana Vázquez_en

Ana Vázquez, federated fender in the Asociación Naronesa de Esgrima Antigua and active participant of the 100tolos HEMA  A Coruña club, has 16 years of experience in the historical fencing world.

Part of the Comitté of Liga Galega HEMA and to the organization of  Cidade de Narón and Cidade da Coruña tournaments, taking part both in the organization and in the administrative roles, as well as promoting and advertising HEMA in the autonomic, national and international territory, laying bridges with institutions, clubs and promoters.

She is also a certified autonomic fencing Referee and part of the technical competition directory by the RFEE, national fencing referee by the RFEE and autonomic archery coach by the FGTA.

All these certifications, accompanied by years of practical experience both in fencing arbitration and as part of the technical directory and archery (mostly in instinctive mode )

Owner of the Arcensis shop, dedicated to selling HEMA gear, collaborates with Galiarco (an archery shop located in Coruña as well )