Alain Migotti.

I’ve started practicing HEMA in 2009 with the French association De Taille et d’Estoc in Dijon.

I started studying the art of Fiore de Liberi, and longsword and wrestling quickly became my favourite topics.

Since then I’ve studied many different manuscripts such as those of the Lichtenauer tradition, Hugo Wittenwiller, Kolner Fechtbuch, Peter Falkner, the codex Wallerstein, Fabian von Auerswald, and some wrestling treaties from the Nineteenth century.

I had the opportunity to do a workshop with my friend Vivien Poinsel on the interpretation of A.Birman’s free wrestling treaty in Hemac de Dijon in 2011 and in Nantes in 2014.

In 2017, at the occasion of Noble Science in France, I presented a workshop on the work of Fabian Von Auerwald. I’ve also been involved in Viking and Seventeen century French re-enactments for several years