Angel Eligado

Lakan Apat Instructor and UK Representative: Philippine Classical Arnis Abaniko Tres Puntas International Federation UK (2011-present)
Instructor: The Filipino Kyusho Association (2011-2014)
Teachers: GM Rene Tongson (ATP International Philippines) GM Angelo Baldissone (Filipino Kyusho)

2005-2010: Control and Restraint, National Health Service Oxford
1995-2004: Aikido and Combat and Defensive Shooting, National Bureau of Investigation (Manila, Philippines)
1989-1990: Modern Arnis as physical education at Arellano University (Manila, Philippines)
1988: Aikido (black belt) at the Martial Arts Training Centre of the Philippines.

As a Filipino, the practice of the Filipino Martial Arts is imbedded in my culture. Abaniko Tres Puntas, is a complete system and one of the few FMA styles that practices a purely bladed art. The principle of Sangga-Patama (block and hit) allows the ATP practitioner to dismember the opponent and not disarm him. To inculcate these principles in my students, it is common for them to train with aluminum training swords and daggers. These practices allow them to be aware of the dimension and the dynamics of the tool they have in their hands.
During my personal training, whether Espada y Daga, Doble Espada, Daga, Karambit or Espada Largo y Corto, I am very fond of using live blades. This teaches me correct flow, form, timing and handling.
This allows me to practice correct principles or face the risk of getting cut. It is my opinion that if an individual is not able to practice with live blades, he will be unable to use it in battle.
Mabuhay at Pugay po sa lahat!

05-07 April 2015 – Stick and Knife Application Abaniko Tres Puntas Isle of Man UK
10 January 2015 – Blade Awareness Department of Health, Treatment and Rehabilitation Centre Camp Bagong Diwa, Philippines
03-06 January 2015 – Attended extensive training on Sticks Combat, Blades, Mano-Mano and Dumog-Ipit with Grandmaster Rene Tongson, Tagatay City, Philippines
27-28 December 2014 – Karambit Applications International Bodyguard Service
Quezon City, Philippines
17-18 December 2014 – Karambit and Straight Blade Applications
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency
Quezon City, Philippines