Georg S. Samatovic
Dagger of Master Hans Talhoffer.


After many years of hard work we are proud to announce that we were able to recreate/interpret in practise ALL dagger techniques from Talhoffers manual
Cod. icon. 249a, or Codex Württenberg, one of the most influential manuals of Meister Hans Talhoffer!
On our workshop we will demonstrate, both, theoretical and practical approach to  ALL dagger techniques from  Codex Württenberg / more or less, depending
on our time and schedule !
-This workshop is a complex one and it was primary intended for advanced students and instructors! Beginner students are also welcomed (We will modify our
lecturing for less experienced students on the spot)
Because of its complexity, the lecturing/workshop will be separated into two parts! Part I; introduction, tafel I-X (90min). Part II: tafel XI-X, conclusion, QA (90 min)

-Equipment requirements: Dagger simulator, protective mask, soft leather gloves!

-Language: English with historically correct technical terminology.