Damián Troncoso

Damián Troncoso Saavedra was, and still is, passionate about  military history since his childhood.

He started in the Olivo olimpic fencing school from Vigo in 2007 , in less than a year he would be chief instructor of the HEMA classes of this club.

In 2008 , he founded the SVEA , a club with the sole idea of studing, practicing and diffusion of HEMA.

Started his practice with rapier doing destreza vulgar  , also he played some sword and buckler. Later he started doing the german longsword tradition which will become his main weapon.

Nowdays, besides longsword , he teaches veradera destreza classes and he also practices I.33.

Damián is a firm defender of the physical training and the studies of both historical teatrises and other modern ways of learning martial arts , aiming to expand his versatiliy and efficiency in combat. He also promulgates values as honor, companionship and humility.

Among his greatest sporting achievements, he was the sabre winner in the Dreynevent 2015 and a outstanding participation in the swordfish longsword tournament ( 2015 ).

He also won the IV Torre de Hércules and the III Narón tournament besides being finalist in other editions.

Being one of the main HEMA promoters in Galicia , he is member of the Asociación Galega de Esgrima Antiga, along with many great galicean fencers and researchers.

Also, to improve his knowledge in this matter, Damián recieved education in :

– Sport club management ( Asociación Galega de Xestores Deportivos, 2015)

– Coaching and sport leadership for fencing ( psychological unit and sports coaching , 2013)

– Conservation of weapons and armor (Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain, 2013)

As a teacher , he gave classes, conferences and workshops of HEMA since 2008 , popularizing HEMA all over Spain and Portugal.

Likewise, he participates in various cultural and reenacment events, doing scenic fencing and HEMA exhibitions in museums, local festivities etc..