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Harry Winter

Harry began with HEMA in 1999 at the “Liechtenauer Fechter” aka “Dreynschlag” (www.dreynschlag.at) where he still is a member of.

Since 2001 he is the main trainer and the main initiator in reconstruction of techniques of so called “German school” of the 15 century. 2002 he started with his first transliteration of the Codex Wallerstein and soon after that the manuscript of Sigmund Ringeck and Peter von Danzig followed.

In the same year he was also invited to teach in France (Dijon DTedT) and Germany (Ochs).

He also initiated the so called “DREYNEVENT” (www.dreynevent.org) which has become one of the Europe’s or maybe the world’s biggest annual HEMA events.

In 2004 he founded together with three other clubs the Austrian federation for historical fencing of which he was the president ‘til his retirement in 2015.

In 2010 he started the initiative IFHEMA which has become the first European Wide HEMA Federation in 2014 at the Dreynevent. He was also in the governing council til his retirement in 2015. IFHEMA has atm 10 member states.

For the last 17 years he followed his passion and trained and taught mainly German longsword, German dagger and Lignitzer’s sword & buckler. Harry’s favourite weapon is the dagger and he is willing to improve his abilities and knowledge of this weapon every day.

In 2015 Harry decided to make HEMA break and stepped back from all official duties and put more focus on other parts of his life. Since then his main focus is in his education as a classical tenor.