There’s a scent of iron and wood, adrenaline and emotion, laughter and anecdotes… smells like HEMA in Bilbao
Here we go again. Ready again for another Armata.
In this edition , which will be held from september 13th to 15th, we want to continue with the fun, good mood and awesome level you, attendants and instructors, always bring with you.
In this ninethedition we have brought an awesome group of instructors , so we will have the chance to learn their different styles and disciplines.
You will meet some new faces and… some old friends will come again to show us their magik with the steel 😉
And yet, we forced our counsel of wisemen ( that is, a couple of monkeys and an angry chihuahua ) to develop  yet another version of our fun game in the morning fighting games.
You will find all the info you need  in the webpage ( we are still updating info ) but in case of dobut please, ask us, we will be more than happy to solve any doubt or issue.
There’s no possible excuse!!!. Remember, you have a date in september with BA 2019

2016 retrospective…

About  Sala de Armas Fénix…

Sala de Armas Fénix, organizer of this event is part of the Asociation for the Develpment of the European Martial Arts, ( in spanish AEDAME )  which has its headquarters in Bilbao ( Bizkaia) His job is to develop, learn and practice different styles of combat created in Europe.

Part of our task is to show this European history heritage , that’s why we invite you to take part of this event, participating on the workshops and activities or as an espectator observing how practitioners from different locations fight and learn.