Robert Usach.

– Doctor (PhD) in Sports Science (UB).
– Bachelor of Science in Physical Activity & Sports with Mastery in Combat Sports Performance (INEFC – UdL).
– Collegiate Training Professional nº11137 (COPLEFC).
– Personal Trainer & Strength and Conditioning Specialist.
– College Professor of Physics & Biomechanics in Sports (UPC).
– Academic Manager in the European Sports & Health Institute (ESHI).
– Operations Manager in Sala Duo Bellum – Associació Catalana d’Esgrima Antiga (ACEA).
– Historical Fencing Instructor (ACEA).
– Combatant Actor by the British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat (BASSC).
– Participation in Historical Fencing Events: – Many AEEA’s National Academies. – Many AEEA’s Instructors Academies. – All Barcelona Historical Fencing Meetings (BHFM).
– Imparting the Seminar of Functional Assessment for Historical Fencing in BHFM. – Imparting the Seminar of Improving Mobility for Historical Fencing in BHFM.
– Imparting the Seminars of Bartitsu: Striking, Grappling & Stick Fighting in BHFM. – Military Sabre Symposium in Hamburg (2015). – Dreynevent in Viena (2016).
– Tournaments: 3rd in Sword & Buckler in Toledo (2016).
– Many Tournaments organizated by ACEA (from 2009).