Rodrigo González.

Rodrigo González, Rorro , as he likes to be called, is a martial artist from Madrid.
Born, in 1974, he practices contact sports since he was eigth years old , although always in amateur category.

After a youth linked with oriental martial arts as well as boxing and kick boxing, starts searching for  hema related activities . In 2001 get to know Oscar Torres and Alberto Bomprezzi who were starting with the core of the AEEA. From that moment Rodrigo focuses fully in the construction and launching of the AEEA, techincally, fencing as well as an  organizational level.

In 2009 founds the club Jerónimo Sánchez de Carranza in Madrid. This club, after a one year closing, reopens his doors in the current proyect.

in June 19th of 2010 got the title of “preboste de armas” in madrid, in the rapier, two handed sword, sword and dagger and sword and buckler disciplines.

In the year 2012 started to be part of the first  Madrid’s Team of Medieval combat. This full contact activity , who has some similarities with HEMA, became his new challenge.

He was the president of the spanish federation of medieval combat in the 2017/2018 season.