Spanish Saber

Eduardo Pérez
Unconscious Competence – Spanish Saber

The goal of this class is to propose creative and effective ways of training and interiorizing fencing beyond classic drills and the alike.

I will talk about the learning ideas of Broadwell and Burch, and we will study how to go from conscious competence (we are capable of taking the right decision after analysis) to unconscious competence (we reach the right decision instinctively).
I will present a set of exercises and sparring games build around concrete techniques, whose objective is to develop muscle memory and instinctive response in our body.

In this class we will study Spanish saber of the second half of XIX century (late Verdadera Destreza tradicion, e.g. Jaime Merelo). The required material are: saber (e.g. Hanwei Hutton, Regenyei or similar), mask, forearm and elbow protection (at least for the armed hand), light fencing jacket, gloves (for saber sparring).